Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Akoma Innocent debuts ‘Jesu Mi'

Ex-military man turned singer, Akoma, is out with his singles which he wrote since 2013 - at the time he newly received the Lord, Jesus Christ.

According to him, “Deeply in my heart I had this believe that there are some good things that the Lord deposited in me which I was trying to find a way to bring to fulfilment but always fail.

“As a child of God I was struggling to free myself from certain habits like taking alcohol, anger which I always regret there consequences. So when I came across the story of Jabez in the Bible I said wow! This is exactly how I suppose to pray".

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Onabajo releases ‘Ese Loba’, ‘Ade Ori'

‘Splendour Music' first lady, the sensational Ola, is back again with hit songs Ese Loba &
Ade Ori. The songs are produced into audio and video (separately) for her music fans, all over the world.

Ese Loba is an audio song, while Ade Ori was produced into video. The two songs boast of quality, inclusiveness (of the listeners & viewers), as well as, professional musical skills from her.

Ese Loba means ‘Crown Him King', which means to Crown Jesus King (over all things). On the other hand, Ade Ori means ‘Crown'. Crown is simply referring to a quality husband that a woman is married to.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Song Review: Peejay Paul releases hit single ‘Spreading Things’

Music lovers (all over the world) are better prepare to start spreading everywhere as this is the year of Spreading Things, the title of single released on March 14, 2016 by Peejay Paul.
Peejay Paul, a songwriter, worship leader and recording artist is a member of the Believers’ LoveWorld Nation music team of Christ Embassy – who started singing at a very young age, after he gave his heart to Jesus.

Touches of quality in ‘Spreading Things’ unequivocal
For qualitative audio music lovers, qualitative artworks lovers, qualitative video music lovers, inspirational and prophetic music lovers – ‘Spreading Things’ is your best bet to get your groove on, any time: any where.